We believe that life is worth celebrating. We believe that relationships between people are the most important and significant things in life. We embrace these beliefs by taking into consideration personal dynamics between people and creating tailored entertainment programs and events. We also offer modern skinny ties that make a statement and showcase the love of life and people.

Our Story

TheAndreys was founded in 2012 in Sacramento, California by Andrei Hurzhyi and Andrey Kazak. They started by working on various projects at a local non-profit organization and then moved on to putting together and hosting events for their friends. Many of those events were weddings. Word about TheAndreys spread and soon enough Andrei and Andrey became well-known and highly demanded wedding hosts among multicultural audiences in the Sacramento region, and later in the entire state of California. They did not stop there and extended their reach North, more specifically Portland and Seattle areas, where TheAndreys find themselves on a rather constant basis. Over the years TheAndreys have appeared in numerous print media as well as on live TV and radio. In 2015 TheAndreys has been voted the Best Event Hosts by Russian- Speaking Community.

Currently TheAndreys continue to plan, host, and coordinate events in California, and far beyond the Golden State border. They recently opened an online store where they will be offering a line of carefully selected products.

Fill out a form here if you have any additional questions or if you would like to book TheAndreys for your event.

Our Products


All our ties are carefully selected to highlight the things that we believe in - that people are awesome and each moment is unique and should be appreciated! The ties are great for everyday casual wear as well as for celebratory occasions, such as weddings. 

Since the ties are handmade, each one of them is unique and the design placement can be slightly different from the ones shown in photos.

If you would like us to add a type or a color of tie to the store, drop us a line at booking@theandreys.com. For custom ties, or to find out information about our "Groomsmen Package", let us know using our convenient form here