TheAndreys LIVE (Portland, Oregon)

TheAndreys presents "Valentine's Day Live" (February 14, 2017)

We did it! A SOLD OUT event that is still buzzing weeks after. You must have seen it all over your feed on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. What exactly happened this Valentine's Day? Why in Portland, Oregon? How did it go? Allow us to present to you a full recap, article of the entire event from top to bottom.

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Jason & Christina - This couple is PERFECT!

Where to begin with these two?

Long distance could not separate them & neither could we throughout the entire wedding. That's a great thing; the chemistry between this duo is incredible! It was our pleasure to host & perform at their big day. From a unique "life-size jenga" game to fluffy handcuffs to captivate the outgoing bridal party and friends, the entire reception felt like a dream.

Take a look at this wonderful video put together by the very talented Jessica from FearlesslyObservant. You can see us in action as we entertain, host and coordinate the program to Jason and Christina's requests. Enjoy!


We went out on the streets of Sacramento, CA to see what random strangers have to say about Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

FELICE NATALE! - That's "Merry Christmas" in Italian as we learned from a family of three exploring Old Sacramento, visiting from Italy. We went out to spread joy and holiday cheer and by doing so got a lot of the same for ourselves. Take a look at this compilation of responses as we tackle random strangers with some good 'ole Christmas Trivia!

"Family, Food, Football"

"Jesus, Is, Born"

"Happy, Family, Decorations"

In what 3 words would YOU describe Christmas?

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Speaking of friends, HUGE thanks to our buddy Nick Vasilchenko at Cinema Art Studios for capturing these priceless moments. What a wonderful job he did piecing so much footage into one unforgettable video!

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In this Episode, TheAndreys Travel to Missoula, Montana. They make a stop in Portland, Oregon to have brunch and to see some familiar faces - Andrey sings live mid airport! Although destination events are tiring, they are incredibly entertaining as well. While exploring the chilly MT state, they execute a wedding program and meet new humans in the process.

We believe that laughter is healthy!
With that being said... We're basically doctors...right?

Pack your bags, let's go! (Watch video)

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We're so happy to have you with us!

In this episode, we win "The Best Event Hosts" of the year award! Couldn't have done it without our fantabulous viewers. 3 weddings, that's right THREE weddings - that's six happy newlyweds we had the privilege of working for & turning their big day into something unforgettable. You will also get to see a sneak peek of a grand pageant with gorgeous contestants (and not too bad looking hosts) where a new beauty queen is crowned and titled as "Miss Russian CA". We go ice skating in our suits, Andrei gets harassed, and EDAMAME!

Previous Episodes: Episode 1 & Episode 2 & Episode 3


TheAndreys are up to something! Take a peek at us working on a brand new segment we'd like to call "Fully Exposed". For this weekend, the duo splits up to host multiple events yet meet back in Sacramento to provide a consultation for a newly engaged couple. So much going on in this episode, why don't you see for yourself? From missing socks and FaceTime on a plane, to a super fun wedding party & familiar faces - We embark on yet another journey & you're coming with us!

Previous Episodes: Episode 1 & Episode 2


Lights, camera, action!

First, let's start by saying this: We're so thankful for all the love that was shown after releasing Episode 1. Who knew that a bunch of awesome people would watch two dudes out of Sacramento, CA work, live and have fun?

We certainly don't mind. As a matter of fact, we've enjoyed it so much that we're releasing our next episode, right now! -Episode 2-

Ready, set, PLAY.

2 DAYS 2 STATES 2 WEDDINGS (Episode 1)

We have the greatest fans! We love how supportive and connected you are. With that being said, let's become even closer! We are excited to announce our very first BTS episode, out now. We'd love to take you with us on our journey as we travel the states and do what we love. Without holding back any emotions and letting our true colors shine, with these video blogs we hope you enjoy and stick around for episodes to come.

Are you ready? Pack your bags and press play.

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