In every generation there are different ways of showing love and expressing feelings towards one another. We'd love to share our 10 fresh ideas that guarantee a spark of romance between you and your loved one. Here at TheAndreys we believe that the man should be the one to take charge and to make this happen. Gentlemen, this article is for you. Here we go!

#1 - Let's start small and simple, invite her to dinner!

That's right. Now gentlemen, I'm not talking In-N-Out, McDonalds, Jack In The Box dinner. I'm talking FAT'S, The Melting Pot, Cheesecake Factory, and one of my all time favorite's Seasons 52. Dim lights and candles, romantic music and an intimate atmosphere, top of the line food and wine, how does that sound? Don't forget to make a reservation! It's   important to do so even a day or two prior. Ask for the most intimate/romantic booth or table. The timing is also crucial. Don't be late, make sure to schedule for a time that both you and your partner can make. Guys, let's remember: when getting ready, our ladies tend to take their time to look good for us. Plan everything accordingly and keep the spirits high leading up to dinner.

Want to keep your lover excited? Keep this a secret. Let her know that you have it all covered. "It's a surprise sweetheart. Tonight, let me take care of you..."

Remember, It is not all about the food and what's on the menu when it comes to having dinner with a loved one. It's more about the atmosphere, communication, and mood. Feed your other half plenty of compliments throughout the night. Talk about your relationship and your history together, reminisce about your journey and show her how much you care. Bon Appetit!

#2: "LOCK-in the love!"

No matter how long you've been dating or been married for, pull this off and your "babe" is going to remember this date FOREVER.

First thing's first: Purchase a lock (with keys) - this tender move won't cost you more than 5 to 12 bucks. You can find this at your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or any hardware store near you. Once you have the lock and keys in your possession, second step is to find a location. This location is where you and your beloved will hang this lock, long-term... so pick wisely. Now, I would recommend a place where the two of you have had some memories: a bridge, a trail, a fence, etc. It's always nice to have a beautiful surrounding, keep that in mind.

You have a lock, you have the keys, you found the perfect location...you're ready.

Bring your other half to the location (blindfold to add suspense), explain that you wish to lock-in the love you share forever, you want her in your life always. Hang the lock, lock it in, take the keys, throw them away OR take a different approach and keep the keys to remind you of the promise you just made. (take it a step further and hang the key on a necklace, make it sentimental)

MARK YOUR WORDS: Lastly, use a sharpie to mark the lock with a date and/or initials.

Not only is this idea good for one date, it's perfect for EVERY date after. Even with simple, random date nights, come back and remember your promise.

Photo by @andreykazak

Photo by @andreykazak

#3: AMUSEment Park!

For those that love a thrill and are kids at heart, here's an idea you will love. Amuse the love of your life by taking her to an Amusement Park! Disneyland is specifically planning special dining and unique inventions for love bird just like you. On a budget? An affordable, (yet out of this world fun experience) is SIX FLAGS open almost every day of the season. Search for a park near you by clicking here.

From rides, arcade games to stuffed animals, ice cream and fun food, no matter how old you may be, laughter and romance can be brought out quickly when in such atmosphere with your best friend.

Make the entire day about your partner, not yourself. Understand that sometimes amusement parks could get overwhelming and tiring after an entire day of walking around and exploring. Space your adventure out with plenty of breaks, meals, and stops to relax. Have fun, don't hold back, bond and let your personalities shine!

Photo by @andreykazak

Photo by @andreykazak

#4: "Let's go to the beach, let's go get away!"

Escape your everyday surroundings and plan something beautiful; fresh air, wind in the face, romantic beach get-away. Sink your toes into the sand, enjoy the sunset, keep each other warm until the sun goes down. Bring a blanket along with snacks, lunch/dinner, drinks and find the perfect spot to unveil a romantic picnic.

Don't be afraid to get your feet wet. Explore, push the limits, pick your girl up and tease her by carrying her into the water. Keep in mind, water may be freezing water... then again, gives us men a reason to keep our ladies warm. Give her your coat, hug her extra tight, bonus points for you if you can get her a hot beverage to sip on.

Carve a special heart-felt message into the sand to bring a smile to your lover's face, carve it into a dock if you come across one, even though the sun will set and the date will eventually end, memories will remain forever.

#5: Rooftop Chilling!

This idea is not for the easily frightened! I love this date concept and would recommend it to all of our courageous, daring, and risk taking couples. Relationships are all about compromise, setting aside fears for the one you love, overcoming obstacles and building trust. If you're willing to pull this off, you must first put effort into finding the perfect rooftop; you could also search for parking garages, balconies, and towers. As you can already tell, this is a little extreme and while we push this idea forward, we also recommend you take the correct precautions without bending the laws. No matter how much you love your other half, even if you're ready to serve some serious time for her, please be safe and follow legal guidelines to ensure a wild, romantic, intimate, and a handcuff-free date.

DOWNTOWN is where it's at. City lights, busy streets, pretty views from above is what you're looking for. Before heading up to the top, set the mood first. Enthusiasm is required, hot chocolate is the key, warm clothing is a must. WARNING: Rooftop "chilling" is literally what you're in for. The higher the building, the colder it will be. Keep warm inside and out, enjoy the beauty of your surrounding (landscape + the cutie you're with).

"Say cheese!" - Snap a photograph on your phone/camera! We'd love to see your turn out, email us your pictures to booking@TheAndreys.com for a chance to get featured on our blog.

Photo by @andreykazak

Photo by @andreykazak

#6: Us against the world! (stay at home edition)

While everyone is out and about and you'd rather spend quality one-on-one time with your girl, here's an idea that is SO simple yet effective. Ever heard the phrase "Netflix and Chill"? Well, I took that concept and turned it into a "night-in" that she will never forget!

Step 1: Replace NETFLIX with SLIDESHOW.

  • Put together a slideshow of your relationship. Silly, fun, yet personal; pictures that you both can sit back, watch and throw a few laughs at. Include humor, picture captions, and most definitely don't forget about music selection. The songs you play during the slideshow should be fun and fitting. (nothing too slow or depressing)

Step 2: Replace CHILL with GIVE HER CHILLS

Although some of these ideas may sound cheesy and a little too much, there's nothing a girl loves more than seeing her man go the extra mile to make her smile. Listed below are just some of the ideas for you to do without having to leave the house.

  • Have her favorite flowers ready to surprise.
  • Give her a promise ring/jewelry to remind her that she's your cherished treasure.
  • Together, work on a puzzle that is actually a picture of you both. (Visit Shutterfly to personalize a puzzle in just minutes)
  • Cook it up in the kitchen. Prepare ingredients and tools in advance. Together, attempt to create her favorite dish. It's the effort that counts so don't be afraid of failure. You'd be surprised just how bonding this activity really is!
  • Do her make-up. Paint her nails. Show interest in that! As silly as that may sound, this is something that will not only make her smile but it will give her confidence and showcase your encouraging and supportive side.

Fellas, you got this!

Photo by @Jusrusso

Photo by @Jusrusso

#7: Camping, Bonfire, Intimate Conversations!

Pinterest Idea Alert! This is one of those ideas that your girl most likely already heard about or stumbled across while on pinterest, instagram, etc. Time to bring it to life!

Pick a location: Your backyard, beach, or campground.


  1. Firewood
  2. Fire Igniter (fire lighter or matches)
  3. Picnic blanket
  4. Camping tent
  5. Blow-up mattress
  6. Sleeping bags
  7. Cooler
  8. Marshmallows and other campfire snacks
  9. Wireless boom box/stereo
  10. Warm clothing

ps. Always check the weather prior to heading out. Better safe than sorry.

As simple as 1 2 3. Have fun, relax & don't be two tents! (too tense)

Photo by AnnaPerevertaylo

Photo by AnnaPerevertaylo

#8: Concert! (Admission for TWO)

Do not, I repeat do not take her to a concert of a genre that she does not like. Make this about her and her preference of style/music/type.

Admission for TWO. Self explanatory. No need for distractions, don't invite any of your friends to tag along because that will automatically turn an intimate date into a hang out.

Dance to the music, sing along, be involved. Show her off, kiss her publicly! Although some people passing by/surrounding you may not like it, I've got some news for you; it's not about them, It's all about your date! Your goal is to make her feel more important and more special than the concert itself. Many men now days forget that. My recommendation is take pictures/videos but not all concert long. Put your phone away and enjoy the moment. Sincere memories mean so much more than any video ever will.

Photo by estel-eaist.deviantart.com

Photo by estel-eaist.deviantart.com

#9: Road trip!

For some, "being stuck" in a car for hours is a terrible thought. That's not the way I look at it. The way I see it is, road trips are where you're able to goof around, jam to random music, and really get to know each other and bond over a simple game of "20 Questions" (Click here to check out our 20 Questions Game)

But first, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What's your final destination?
  • What stops along the way are you going to take?
  • What will you be doing at your final destination?

Create a playlist! Put together songs that will keep your mood at a positive. Music that will make you both want to dance and have a good time.

Install a dash cam video recorder, you could even use your phone. Use this to capture some memories along the way. You could even record your game of 20 Questions! Why not?

Last but not least, please drive safe. A ticket or accident can ruin your entire plan! Take your time, no need to rush; that's what road trips are all about!

Bon Voyage!

Photo by girlterest.com

#10: "Take her out to the ball game!"

So many great ideas but THIS one is my personal favorite!

If you're a man who's into sports just as much as I am, you know that sometimes it's IMPOSSIBLE to take our attention away for anything else. This date, is one that will bring your two favorite things in life together; sports and girl. Luckily, women love to dress up and go out. Take that and roll with it!

Wear team colors or jerseys, feel free to go crazy with the face paint! Have your date wear team color lipstick, nail polish, and whatever else that may get her excited for the game. Please don't expect her to fall in love with the sport or know all the players and statistics. Most likely, she won't even know what's going on and there's a high chance she'll ask you way too many questions. Work with that, don't let the game become the focal point. Focus on her, show her as much attention as possible. Feel free to throw in some of my favorite sports puns/jokes/lines:

  1. I don't care who wins, I already won because I scored with you!
  2. You've intercepted my heart.
  3. What are you doing here? The cheerleaders are out there!
  4. Consider this your two-minute warning... before I kiss you.

Cheesiness level 1,000! You, scoring points with your lady, priceless.

Photo by AnnaPerevertaylo

Photo by AnnaPerevertaylo