Introducing Urban Bloom Tie!

Our favorite tie!


We have worked long and hard to bring you one of our favorite ties. Featuring timeless floral design on a classic black background, this tie is full of life and energy. Urban Bloom can complete any modern man's ensemble and make him truly noticeable.  

You will learn to appreciate how easy it is to pair this tie with so many different outfits. Pair it with a business suit for a day at the office or wear it with a sweater for a casual day out in the city. From professional to everyday wear, this tie will help you express your uniqueness. As an additional bonus, Urban Bloom is a great conversation starter! You are guaranteed to have people complement it anywhere you go.

To help you make a decision and pick up a perfect tie now, we have made shipping on Urban Bloom completely free for out USA customers! Stand out in the colorless crowd, get your own Urban Bloom tie in our store now!