TheAndreys LIVE (Portland, Oregon)

TheAndreys presents "Valentine's Day Live" (February 14, 2017)

We did it! A SOLD OUT event that is still buzzing weeks after. You must have seen it all over your feed on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. What exactly happened this Valentine's Day? Why in Portland, Oregon? How did it go? Allow us to present to you a full recap, article of the entire event from top to bottom.

Main promotional poster. Photography: Sergey Bidun - Design: Ernest Karchmit.

Main promotional poster. Photography: Sergey Bidun - Design: Ernest Karchmit.


Before diving into details, take a look at our highlights. (video below)

See stunning photo's captured by Dina Chmut Photography below:


It all started with an idea, we get a lot of those here at TheAndreys. With Valentine's Day months away, we thought to ourselves: "What will the single people be up to while the couples are out on dates, having fancy dinners & enjoying each other's company?" After asking around, we came to realize that the common answer to that question is: "Uh, I don't know..."

Being event planners, we drew up a concept that would soon spark a huge interest and call for high demand. "Valentine's Day Live" - a comedy show concentrated on "single" people.


Below are a couple of videos that were used as information and promotion pre-event that quickly spread like wildfire all throughout social media. We use our comedic, humorous approach to give an idea of style that would be used at the event. Ready, set, PLAY.


It's been a pleasure having the following vednors, sponsors on board with our event:

Dina Chmut - A well known photographer out of Portland, OR. Her camera skills and eye for creativity are two of the many reasons why her work is highly talked about and requested all over the United States. When working with a photographer, it is important to go with someone who is not only talented with the camera, but one who has a positive, uplifting personality as well. With Dina, we've never experienced a dull moment and enjoyed every minute of her time. Please visit for more information and/or to book her for your event/session today.

Gray Gables Estate - We cannot get over just how beautiful this venue is. The ballroom fit our vision of the event so perfectly, we didn't want to look elsewhere. Big thanks to Samantha, without her help this event wouldn't have been as perfect. She goes the extra mile for her clients and is a joy to be around, even when discussing business. Our hats are off to her and Gray Gables Estate, for helping make our event beautiful.

Luxury Events - If you're not yet familiar with Victoria Kharitonov's work, allow us to introduce to you one of the most popular, highly demanded decorators in and all around the State of Oregon. She did a phenomenal job adjusting to our vision as she does to her every client. The set-up and tear down process was timely and organized. Her design ideas are fantastic, some would say Pinterest-like! Highly recommended and we agree to that. To inquire about Victoria's services please visit her page: LUXURY EVENTS  

The Film House - It is so important to capture memories. The gentlemen at The Film House do a remarkable job doing just that with taste, unique style and professionalism. Big thanks to Dennis Mulyar, a young man who is easy to work with and has lot's of knowledge when it comes to the field of cinematography. Highly recommended to anyone looking for video coverage!

Andrey Kazak interviews Dennis Mulyar mid intermission.

Andrey Kazak interviews Dennis Mulyar mid intermission.

Presso Coffee House - Oh boy, we love our coffee! Therefore it was a no brainer to feature Presso Coffee House at our event. They were phenomenal with customer service, not to mention their drinks tasted amazing per review of our guests. What we loved the most, was how they were very flexible with our vision and theme. We changed the cup design from white to bright pink in order to match the event theme. Also, they were able to change-up and go completely wild with the drink names which we fell in love with! PRESSO is available to cater at any event; weddings, corporate, you name it. Visit today!

LEDAX Tech - From audio, lights, stage to the ginormous LED Wall that was used as our main screen/media projection for the event, the LEDAX Tech team blew us away. Incredible set up with professional, flawless control. With our diverse program and fast pace, we expected it to be much more challenging to synchronize lights, audio, screen and more. To our surprise, LEDAX Tech made our comfort their priority. They took everything upon themselves and delivered. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for sound, lighting, stage, set-up, and more.

The Sweetest Things - Yana Chausov's business name says it all: "The Sweetest Things". Our guests really did enjoy all of the desserts that were served at our event. Everything was organized and well presented, leaving every attendee satisfied. Below is an image of sweet's display. Contact Yana Chausov to place your very own custom order today!

Live plug-in + feeding number for "The Sweetest Things" before going into Intermission.

Live plug-in + feeding number for "The Sweetest Things" before going into Intermission.

Fleurs Uniques - Yana Sklyarov, the founder of Fleurs Uniques provided hundreds of beautiful high end red roses. We used those roses for the event's send-off as each man gave out a handful to all of the ladies attending. For top quality flowers and floral arrangements, contact Fleurs Uniques today!


Photo Booth Bros. - Israel and Slav came out and set up a wonderful Photo Booth for our event. We wanted our attendees to leave with something physical to remember the event by. Thanks to Photo Booth Bros, each guest left with multiple strips/print outs of their pictures that were taken at the event. Quick, easy, fun! Request Photo Booth Bros. to come out to your event! CLICK HERE.

Audile Music - We searched long and hard for a band that would fit our theme, a band that could entertain our guests and perform at a high level. We found them, introducing Audile Music! With their own twist on popular hits, and unique style, our guests fell in love with their sound instantly! Follow AUDILE on social media and book them for your event today.


But wait there's more!

Sergey Bidun - Sacramento's up and coming photographer shared our vision for the event's theme. Together we captured unique images to say the least! Using pink, grey, black, tan backgrounds, as well as outdoor shots - we had enough material to work with for an entire month of promotion! We're excited to be working with one of the best in the business. For portraits, wedding work, family sessions and more, contact Sergey at

Cinema Art Studios - Every other video that was shown at the event was filmed and edited by the talented Nick V from Cinema Art Studios! A Sacramento local who went out of his way to turn our ideas into storyboarded video projects. Below is one of those comedy sketch videos:

PIXEL Media Films - Dmitriy from Pixel also contributed in a spontaneous video shoot only a couple of days from the event! We went on the streets of Portland to film a comedy sketch that would connect to our live program! Thank you Dmitriy. Very easy to work with and spectacular turn around time. Here is the video:


What's next for TheAndreys?

We are excited to announce that we will focus on creating more events. The next "TheAndreys Live" show we are looking to do in Sacramento, CA. Would you like for us to come to your city? Send us an email with a proposition and we will gladly consider! EMAIL:

In the meanwhile, you can catch us planning, hosting, coordinating weddings and other events all around the States. We will consistently be posting more media content via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and our online blog. Follow us, let's stay connected!


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Last but not least,
We'd like to thank all of our fans and supporters that have joined our journey all throughout the years. Let's keep growing and making memories together!