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TheAndreys are event hosts/planners based in Sacramento, CA

We believe that interactions and relationships between people are the most important things in life. We believe that life and people in it are important and worth celebrating. We embrace this belief by taking into consideration personal dynamics between people and creating tailored entertainment programs/events that will leave a pleasant aftertaste of happiness and positive emotions.

  • We turn your vision into reality.

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TheAndreys BLOG

Operation “Put a Ring on It”

I love stories about creative proposals. Connection and commitment are extremely important in a relationship. When a guy knows just the right way to sweep a girl of her feet, and he goes through great lengths to make sure she absolutely loves every detail of the proposal. That shows commitment and connection. Some guys come up with incredible ways to “pop the question”. Guys like Andrey. Covertness and complication of his proposal, as well as team organization, gave it a special ops feel. Here is the story of “Operation Put a Ring on It“.

Surprise Glowing Tree Proposal – Irina & Andrey

Andrey’s proposal to Irina was without a doubt one of the most special and spectacular proposals that I had a privilege of directing. Everything, starting from a warm glow of vintage light bulbs and ending with explosive fireworks that lit up the night’s sky, was designed to make this moment especially meaningful and unforgettable. Read on to experience a unique perspective of this life-altering event. more



Congratulations! You chose to contact TheAndreys. You can do so via sms, email or a phone call. There is no pressure, we will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Just tell us about your event, or project, and we will go from there.


Pleasure to meet you! Once we are in touch, we would like to get to know you personally. The way we do that is by setting up a meeting (Skype session, if not local). During the meeting, we discuss the details of the event, or project, and provide you with a quote.
After the meeting, we send out an email with the summary of all that has been discussed.


Hooray, we are signing the contract! It is a straightforward process, as long as you know how to spell your name. With the contract signed and the deposit placed, the date is officially booked. TheAndreys now concentrate all of their energy on making your big day a memorable and a personalized experience.


We meet again! We are excited to present what we have prepared for you! TheAndreys put together a program for the event and are ready to impress with a detailed layout. With your input, the program is perfected. You know your guests better than anyone else does, therefore we provide numerous options for activities and numbers. Ultimately, it is you who checks off on the program, making sure that it is everything you have envisioned.
Once you absolutely love the layout, the rest of the payment is taken care of and we are ready for the next step.


Ta-da! The day has arrived and we are ready to roll. You do not have to worry about a thing, TheAndreys will take care of everything from A to Z. We will arrive early to your event to familiarize ourselves with the venue and (most importantly) with the guests. We believe in the power of human interactions, therefore we would love to make friends with everyone even before the start of the event. That way, once the event kicks off, we will no longer be going in front of a random crowd of strangers but rather a room full of familiar faces.
Now, it is the time that you have been anxiously awaiting: sit back, relax, and enjoy the event or celebration.


We got so many compliments about how entertaining and unique the wedding was! The Wedding surpassed our expectations.

Vlad & Diana, Wedding

TheAndreys! You made our wedding unforgettable, thank you!

Ivan & Anna, Wedding

Just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday. You guys did a great job! All the relatives loved you guys and can’t stop talking about how entertaining it was.

Dina S, Wedding

We want to say big thanks to Andrey and Andrey. They were so easy to work with, they did everything exactly the way we like it.

Vlad & Zina, Wedding

So professional, so nice. They do everything, it’s like all inclusive! After the wedding everyone kept coming up and asking about TheAndreys. The whole Seattle is talking about TheAndreys, they are blowing up!

Naz & Irina, Wedding

We are so thankful that we found TheAndreys, they were amazing. They were funny and are good singers.

Zhenya & Oksana, Wedding

For energizing everyone, thank you! You guys were wonderful. You guys were funny, you came up with awesome things that I’ve never seen before. We loved it!

Seydzh & Nat, Wedding

Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding, so glad we got you guys!

Serge & Julie, Wedding

It was the best birthday I’ve been to, not once was there an awkward or a quiet moment. You know how to keep the crowd entertained, I love it!

Alina L, Birthday


Andrei Hurzhyi


Originally was born in Belarus, and moved to USA in 2003. Andrei is proud to call Sacramento his home (Go Kings!) He is fluent in English and Russian languages. Andrei has graduated from California State University in 2013 with Bachelor’s in Psychology. Currently he is pursuing his dream of being the difference at TheAndreys, an event planning and hosting company that puts people ahead of things.

Once Andrei played a role of a Turkish Soldier in an opera performance that took place in downtown Sacramento. In one way or another, Andrei has been in a spotlight for over 15 years. From participating in theatre productions to being a special guest on live television, Andrei would consider every opportunity to gain experience, hone his skills, and be the difference.

Andrey Kazak


Andrey’s background in showmanship gives him a definite grasp on even the most challenging parts of hosting. His experience with music brings a high level of entertainment to the table. As an independent YouTube artist, he gained publicity at a fast rate reaching over 3.5 million people in only a couple of years. With his music being heard all around the world, he is determined to bring smiles to those that listen. Now, his dream is to entertain worldwide. He wishes to bring smiles and laughter to as many people as possible by pursuing his dreams with TheAndreys.

Andrey once performed live in front of a sold out arena filled with close to 18,000 people; an experience which opened his eyes to new record-breaking possibilities.


1.How far in advance should I contact TheAndreys about my event or project?

Sometimes clients contact us just weeks before the event. Although, we strongly advise you to get in touch with us as early as you can, because we get booked up rather quickly. You can contact TheAndreys the moment you decide to have an event or once you have a project in mind. We can, and would love to help you bring your ideas to life.

2.What services do you offer?

TheAndreys offer hosting, planning and coordinating services.

3.What kind of events do you do?

TheAndreys create memorable moments for people of different cultures and all walks of life. We base the program on the requests of the clients and build around the specifics of their guests. We do small and intimate events as well as large and lavish ones. Due to our unique approach we can accommodate traditional guests and those who are seeking something different.

4.Do you travel? Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, we do, and we love doing it! In fact, every year TheAndreys book many out of state events. One of our favorite cities to go to would be Seattle; we find that there is something incredibly alluring about The Emerald City. The transportation and stay must be provided or covered by the client (or the couple).

5. What are your rates?

The price depends on the specifics of your event/ project and the package you choose. Contact us to schedule an appointment or give us a call so that we can discuss the details and provide you with a quote.

6.What was your favorite event?

We cannot pick one, that would not be fair. There are no two clients or groups of guests that are exactly the same. This makes every event unique and amazing. And that is one of many reasons we love working with people so much! Connecting people, building relationships and witnessing love; these things make every event our favorite, in its own special way.

7.How did you get started?

It’s kind of a long story. Let’s talk about that over dinner. Well, the truth is… it kind of just happened. We have been friends for a while. Before coming onto an event planning and hosting scene, we have worked on many projects at a local non-profit organization. Together, we have brought to life numerous entertainment programs such as theatrical and musical shows. We consistently kept coming up with new events. One day a good friend of ours asked us to help out with his wedding. We ended up putting together a program and hosting the entire thing. The very next day, we received a call from a stranger who had heard how fun the wedding was. He was wondering if we could host his wedding as well. Then another call, and another… That’s how TheAndreys came into existence.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

We are interested in hearing about your project or event. Let us know about the project or the date and type of the event, and any specific details that you might have. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


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